Earn Your Scars


Earn Your Scars, danish hardcoreband from Kolding and Fredericia, founded in 2008, is known for a solid mix of oldschool style, fast paced hardcore, with hard groove parts and heavy breakdowns. Liveshows are energetic and partyfuled and bears the imprint of strong friendships, twenty years of experience and love for the genre and the hardcorecommunity.

Earn Your Scars does hardcore as hardcore is supposed to be, with roots in punk music and “no bullshit-attitude”. The lyrics refers to and ventilates friendships, struggles and hardships in life and personal experiences.

The music is best described as cutthroat, fast and aggressive - In other words: Earn Your Scars is hardcore “Joe Pesci-style”.


Earn Your Scars was founded in 2008 by Freese (bass), Denning(guitars), Berlin(vocals) and Mølle(drums). The foundation was based on a long friendship, love for hardcore, punk and metal music and some former music projects that eventually died out.

The idea was to form a band

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