LYT was a chaotic, experimental band active from 2012 - 2014

Composers: Max Rosborg & Birgitte Marie Arnkjær

Guitars: Max Rosborg & Jacob E. L. Jensen

Bass and rhytm: Nikolaj Skovdal Sønder

Lamp, box and cans: Max Rosborg & Birgitte Marie Arnkjær

Vocals and words: Birgitte Marie Arnkjær

Mastering: Søren Fledelius & Birgitte Marie Arnkjær

Though we are no longer active, I, Birgitte, find it fitting to release our first EP on the 10th anniversary of our departure, before I go solo.

The Wasteland Workshop will be released soon...

Musik Katalog

The Wasteland Workshop ,  ,  198588050972
Newest Release

The Wasteland Workshop


ep - 5 tracks - 2024