Ida Björg Leisin is a singer and songwriter to the core and has been curiously experiencing and portraying life through her own music since age 9, when she first began scribbling down piano pieces.
Since then, she’s delved into electronica, stomp-shows for children, afro-fusion, folk-pop, soul, jazz, and country. Writing alone as well as co-writing, for her own projects and for other artists. In 2017 Ida Björg signed with TG publishing as songwriter for commercial and international artists such as Udo, Loren Nine, Animor and Alejandro Reyes.

As a solo artist idaBjörg sounds like a mix between Tina Dickow, Hozier, and Radiohead.
The interplay of contradictions, be it auditory or human, fascinates and inspire her as songwriter and artist, whose Icelandic and Russian roots add flavors of fragility, drama, intimacy, and grandeur to her musical universe.

idaBjörg has toured both Germany, Spain, North America too mention just a few, and she always skillfully engages audiences with her inte

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