Madeleine L. Keller

Hello! My name is Madeleine. I do and make a lot of things. I write zines, including A Letter to My White Friends and my perzine, Rattlesnake. I co-organize Santa Cruz Zine Fest. I facilitate and organize workshops on zinemaking, liberatory speculative fictions, and confronting white fragility and racism in the environmental movement. I teach folk herbalism skills, grow medicinal plants, and create my own herbal remedies to support the health of myself and my community. I practice witchcraft, mostly as a solitary practitioner. Sometimes I write about my witchings, and sometimes I include others in community rituals.

All of my work is liberation-focused. A couple of my projects incorporate reparations by donating a portion of the proceeds to organizations run by people of color with the intention of eradicating racism and inequality. My work in zines focuses on encouraging others to re-discover their sense of agency, while sorting through personal traumas, like violence and abuse, and

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