Madeleine L. Keller

Hello! My name is Madeleine. I do and make a lot of things. I write zines, including A Letter to My White Friends and my perzine, Rattlesnake. I co-organize Santa Cruz Zine Fest. I facilitate and organize workshops on zinemaking, liberatory speculative fictions, and confronting white fragility and racism in the environmental movement. I teach folk herbalism skills, grow medicinal plants, and create my own herbal remedies to support the health of myself and my community. I practice witchcraft, mostly as a solitary practitioner. Sometimes I write about my witchings, and sometimes I include others in community rituals.

All of my work is liberation-focused. A couple of my projects incorporate reparations by donating a portion of the proceeds to organizations run by people of color with the intention of eradicating racism and inequality. My work in zines focuses on encouraging others to re-discover their sense of agency, while sorting through personal traumas, like violence and abuse, and the collective traumas of racist, extractive capitalism and climate catastrophe. My work with herbs focuses on passing on the knowledge of herbal healing, along with the connection to and respect for the land and its peoples. In my writing and research explorations, I research tactics and strategies for the most radical and revolutionary ways we can engage with this world. I engage in these strategies myself and document my experiences in the hopes that others do the same.

I do a lot, but I want to do MORE! I want to expand my herbal workshop offerings to encompass everything I know. I want to create an herbal teaching garden that also acts as a source of free medicines for organizers and those in need. I want to write queer post-apocalyptic speculative fiction. I want to create zines about ethnobotany, radical history, gentrification, autonomous zones, and a whole other list of stuff. By supporting my work, you make all these dreams possible. You help me serve my community and create greater opportunities for liberation and connection in the world. Pretty cool, right?

How Supporting Works

Maecen is pretty neat, because it effectively allows me to do sliding scale for my creations. I set my minimum at 14.00 DKK, which is a little over $2.00 USD a month. You can give more than that as you’d prefer. The scale I’d recommend for what I offer here is between $2-$70/month. When considering how much to give, I encourage you to use this as an opportunity to honestly evaluate your current and generational financial reality before making your payment. Try placing yourself on this sliding scale chart, created by Hadassah Damien at Ride Free Fearless Money. Especially if you have access to a steady income right now, please consider the opportunities you have to redistribute resources to those who have suffered recent job loss.

Your pledge gets you access to monthly posts on herbalism, land connection, anti-racism, anarchist theory and practice, queerness, and lots more. These posts include how-to’s, journal entries, updates, essays, resource lists, videos, podcasts, and e-zines and come out between two and five times a month. You get to change the amount of your pledge at any time, and you get to cancel at any time.

Financial Status & Current Goals

Currently I receive $0 from 0 patrons. My current goal is to receive $200/month. This will allow me to supplement my income and fund my initiative to create several growing spaces for medicinal herbs to support my community. This also means I’ll be able to post more material about growing and processing herbs!

Thank you for supporting my work and helping dreams of a better community come to life!

Here are some other places you can find my work: Website: Shop (to buy zines & such): Facebook: Email: