"I was living in a pre-Civil War log cabin on a nature preserve near Knoxville, Tennessee, and was chatting online with the 'silent sister' I had met at my best friends' wedding in The Hague. She never said a word to me, regardless of my obvious curiousity. Once back stateside, though, my friendship to Grith Böcher had gone from her learning my yee-haww slang dialect of english to a beautifully raw song called 'Gowatch' that was a collection of our words put to a simple acoustic guitar fingering and a voice that fluttered in my heart..."

/ Rick Squires.

2022 Single 'Queen The Pawn', produceret af Emil Lundbak Kofod (DK)


2018 MindSigh EP#1, produceret af Teis Frandsen (DK)

"MUSIKANMELDELSE Den danske singer-songwriter, Grith Böcher, og den amerikanske tekstforfatter, Rick Squires, har i en årrække arbejdet sammen om det at skrive sange. Alligevel er det kun godt et år siden, Grith Böcher (nu 47 år) – under kunstnernavnet MindSigh – pladedebuter

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