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You are a kind, generous, and inspired person who is excited to empower me with monthly income. If this is you, simply scroll to the bottom of the page, click the "SUPPORT" button, and choose the amount that feels good to you. You are here to eagerly check the score! I've put the "Tracking Our Progress" section right here at the top :-).You are curious about Empowerment Income. If this is you, feel free to jump to the "Benefits I Imagine from Empowerment Income" section. Or - even better - call me! (913-953-6082) You know I love to talk about it. Truly, I would love to connect, especially if this is a path you're considering for yourself. P.S. You can email me first if that's more your comfort zone ( You are a champion for me or for Empowerment Income who is excited to share this with a friend. If this is you, copy and give them this link - it will bring them righ...
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