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Welcome, welcome! Jumping right in, you are probably here for one of these reasons:

  1. You are a kind, generous, and inspired person who is excited to empower me with monthly income. If this is you, simply scroll to the bottom of the page, click the "SUPPORT" button, and choose the amount that feels good to you. 
  2. You are here to eagerly check the score! I've put the "Tracking Our Progress" section right here at the top :-).
  3. You are curious about Empowerment Income. If this is you, feel free to jump to the "Benefits I Imagine from Empowerment Income" section. Or - even better - call me! (913-953-6082) You know I love to talk about it. Truly, I would love to connect, especially if this is a path you're considering for yourself. P.S. You can email me first if that's more your comfort zone ( 
  4. You are a champion for me or for Empowerment Income who is excited to share this with a friend. If this is you, copy and give them this link - it will bring them right to this page:

Tracking Our Progress

Monthly Empowerment Income I am receiving through


Because I believe that income transparency is an empowering thing, I want to try to share the amount of income I get from other sources on this page as well. I don't promise absolute accuracy, but it's important to me that you know roughly how much I'm receiving.

Income I have received from other sources between November 2nd, 2020 and November 2nd, 2020:


Total income (Empowerment Income + other sources) I have received between November 2nd, 2020 and November 2nd, 2020:


Benefits I Imagine from Empowerment Income

Benefits I imagine for myself from receiving Empowerment Income
  1. This is a way to buy my attention out of the market.
  2. I will be able to use money more freely, without worrying about it. 
  3. It's a way to create the feeling of more than enough. 
  4. There's the potential to never have to think about how to monetize something for myself again. It doesn't mean that everyone is tied into giving me money for the rest of our lives. It's likely that as a few people fall off, new people will join on, or vice versa. Hopefully, it will be stable enough that I never even need to campaign for people to give me money again. If I do, it will probably be very easy, as I can just tack a note onto whatever I'm doing at the time, until my income returns to my desired level. 
  5. I will have the freedom to start projects more quickly. For big projects, I can look for bigger crowdfunding, but for small projects, or at the beginning of big projects, I can simply use my Empowerment Income to get things started. 
  6. I can offer this as a way for other people to receive income. I meet so many people that want to be doing what they love all the time. It usually doesn't pay, or it can be so challenging to monetize that they lose their energy to do it before they even begin. Empowerment Income is a way for people to have financial security as they give freely in the world. Or people could use Empowerment Income to feel supported as they start a business. 
  7. I will have more patience. It can be very hard to have the patience to listen to other people when I am feeling a lot of financial insecurity. In the back of my mind is often a script that says, "You should not be wasting time talking with this person; you need to go figure out how to make money." Human beings are valuable. I want to reach a place of financial security where I value understanding them more than I value getting away from them. 
  8. I will be able to purely create things that are truly helpful or beautiful, rather than just things are financially viable. 
  9. I won't have to withhold my gifts or my creations in order to make money.  
  10. Money will not be a deciding factor in most of my decisions. Whoa!
  11. Wealth is measured by the number of days I can enjoy my preferred reality - this is my take on an idea that Buckminster Fuller expressed. With Empowerment Income, I potentially have infinite days of wealth.
  12. I can stay open to where I can create the most instead of narrowing my options to where I can get the most. 
  13. I believe I will make better decisions.
  14. I believe I will experience less stress.
  15. I will have more empathy. And I will be better able to use the empathy that I already have. 
  16. I will make more improvements to my home.
Benefits I imagine for myself from giving Empowerment Income to other people

  1. I will know how much income they are receiving. When I give money to someone, I can often feel like I'm helping a very temporary way, or even that I'm throwing money down a hole. With Empowerment Income (where a large group of people contribute to a monthly amount), I can look at how much they're receiving each month and think, 'Ah, So-and-So has enough income to live a good life. They're doing all right. I can relax.'
  2. I have greater trust that they are not wasting their time trying to come up with ways to extract money out of the world.
  3. I am investing in people being themselves; therefore, I expect to live in a way better and more enjoyable world. 
  4. I expect my cost of living to go down as more people give their gifts and resources freely. 
  5. I expect to see more generosity in the world. 
  6. I expect to see fewer accidents and injuries. I believe the effects of even just one more person having financial security can be profound.
  7. I expect to see people being more open-minded.
  8. I expect to see people interacting more meaningfully with their realities. 
  9. I expect people will feel less of a need to escape their realities.
  10. I can hope for suicide rates to go down.
  11. I expect life expectancy to increase.
  12. I expect all of this to happen from people being able to place their attention on what they enjoy, or love, or at the very least what they feel is important. Yes, people can do this now to a degree, but I believe that Empowerment Income will make it about a zillion times easier. 
  13. When I encourage other people to be themselves as fully as they can be and live their dreams, I will not only believe that it is essential, I will believe that it is possible.
  14. I will get to buy other people's attention out of the market. 
  15. I will see more creativity.
  16. I will see more innovation.
  17. I will see more love.

Thank you for participating! I'm so excited to see where this takes us.

Photo credit: Kirk Decker

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